In the fall of 1957, Charlotte Bliss's charmed Virginia life takes a brutal, tragic turn when one of her young children dies in Bliss House, a house in which nothing is as it seems. The dead of Bliss House have answers to the questions tormenting Charlotte, but can the dead be trusted?

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Gather round for a trio of chilling Christmastime tales from Laura, Lisa Morton, and Carolyn Haines: A Christmas ornament with a deadly history, Christmas in a haunted Victorian cottage, and an evil Christmas Gnome that may just be the shelf elf from hell. Treat yourself! $2.99

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“I've longed for this book—an intelligent haunted house story with twists and turns. Laura Benedict is an author to watch. Bliss House edges Benedict firmly into Shirley Jackson territory with this rich, evocative novel about the power of blood to corrupt.” —Carolyn Haines, winner of the Harper Lee Award, author of The Darkling and The Seeker (writing as R. B. Chesterton)

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“Benedict's writing is lush and seamless, catapulting the reader into the gripping story from the opening line and holding them, taut and breathless, to the very last. You do not want to miss Bliss House. It's a compulsively readable tour de force from a wonderful writer.” —J. T. Ellison, New York Times bestselling author of When Shadows Fall

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Notes from the Handbasket

Ghost IMA

  I write about ghosts, so people often ask me if I believe in them. Of course I believe in ghosts. My real life experience with them is limited, I think, because I want it to be. Even though the one compelling experience I’ve had was pleasant and benign—a smiling, elderly man in a … [Read More...]