Three short, sharp, and scary holiday tales to liven up your fireside (or beachside) reading, from Laura and her friends, Carolyn Haines and Lisa Morton.
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It's 2008. Twenty-year-old Nicole works at the Bliss House Inn, and the owners are leaving her there alone overnight, in the middle of a snowstorm. It shouldn't matter much that Bliss House is haunted—right?

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"Dripping with Southern gothic atmosphere." —Booklist, starred review

In the fall of 1957, Charlotte Bliss's charmed Virginia life takes a brutal, tragic turn when one of her young children dies in Bliss House, a house in which nothing is as it seems. The dead of Bliss House have answers to the questions tormenting Charlotte, but can the dead be trusted?

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bohemian gospel

This summer, one of my dearest writer friends, J.T. Ellison, told me about a book she'd just read called Bohemian Gospel by fellow Nashvillian, Dana Chamblee Carpenter. "You must read it. It's fabulous!" Now, J.T. is a voracious reader, and she doesn't throw the word fabulous around lightly. She … [Read More...]