3rd Edit Is Always the Toughest

Despite the serious title, this is a celebratory post. I’ve just finished the 3rd edit of my work-in-progress. It’s always the most challenging because it’s usually the one where lots and lots of details are cemented and made consistent. And because this book has a background story that’s about ten chapters long, I had to figure out the best placement for them.

So these are all the words I have for you about what happened Thursday, because we are actually well into Friday. *yawns*

Here’s a celebratory turtle that came to visit us a while back…

PS–thanks for all the wonderful wishes yesterday! 💜

PPS–the celebratory turtle is also celebrating our sweet daughter, Nora, who is 25 today! 🎂🌸



(All hail the celebratory turtle!)


April 6th  Words
Journal:  0 words
Long fiction: (Edited 120 pages)
Short fiction: 0 words
Non-fiction: 0 words
Blogging:  129 words
Exercise: 000000000 (but LOTS of typing)

2 thoughts on “3rd Edit Is Always the Toughest”

  1. skyecaitlin says:

    Believe it or not, but I adore Turtles, Laura; this one is simply precious, too. Happy Birthday to your daughter Nora, and go girl with finishing your 3rd edit ( don’t you have BETA readers and an editor)?
    Have a very lovely day and relax those hands and fingers; do some yoga movements for them as well as your wrists.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      With BETA readers and my agent, now. They are all so good to me. I’ve had a lovely day and am looking forward to serious sleep! Have a great weekend!

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