A Wonderfully Human Kind of Joy

December 24, 2017 by - 6 Comments

  This painting by Matthias Stom (Dutch, 1600-1652+) is so vibrant and full of life that it speaks loudly of joy. Stom was Dutch, but he did most of his painting in Italy, closely following the style of Caravaggio. I love this painting’s warm, humid temperature, its Mediteranean feel. It’s a refreshing change from the …Read More

Thursday with Santas

December 21, 2017 by - 2 Comments

Happy Thursday! All my concentration is gone and I only have room in my brain for wrapping, recipes, decorating, hanging out with my family, and the ending of Advent. Last night I went through the non-tree decorations–the ones that should’ve gone up before the tree–and put up about half. Not because I’m feeling minimalist, but …Read More

Preparations and Pecan Sandies

December 18, 2017 by - 4 Comments

Happy Monday! This week before Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. Our girl comes home today, and (nearly) all my work is done so I can decorate and bake and decide if I want to build a big LEGO project or do a puzzle over the holiday. Oh, and I have …Read More

Advent Coming Soon

November 26, 2017 by - 7 Comments
Advent Wreath

Advent is the first season of the Christian liturgical year, and runs up to December the 24th. Much of the world prepares for December 25th by shopping, and I do that as a small part of the celebration. How often do we celebrate the coming of something, someone so dear to us? How often do …Read More

Have Yourself a Low-Stress Holiday Season

November 2, 2017 by - 12 Comments

  “You’re already holiday shopping, so…” Dear PayPal: It’s November 1st. We’re not even done with Allhallowtide¬†and Veteran’s Day is November 11th (Observed Friday the 10th.) Thanksgiving comes on Thursday, November 23rd. I gather, PayPal, that the holiday shopping to which you refer is linked to the winter holidays, mainly Hanukkah (December 12-20) and Christmas, …Read More