The Next Big Thing Blop Hop: Bliss House

January 9, 2013 by -

Oh, good! I’ve been tagged. Welcome to the latest stop on The Next Big Thing Blog Hop. This particular blog tour invites writers to answer ten questions about their current Work in Progress, or forthcoming project. Each tagged writer answers the questions, then tags five or more writers to answer the questions on their blog, …Read More

Octoberguest! Amanda Stevens

October 23, 2008 by - 11 Comments

If you chance to meet Amanda Stevens, don’t be fooled by her sweet, southern smile. She’s one scary thriller writer-chick. After you read her very timely post here at the Handbasket, you’ll want to check out her novels: the ultra-creepy The Dollmaker (where’s the film? that’s what I want to know!), The Devil’s Footprints and …Read More