A Beginning, of a Sort

December 31, 2016 by - 4 Comments

The more I write, the less sleep I get. That’s another one of those habits that’s been hard to break. I crave the near-silence of a sleeping house–but only can manage to find it at the before-bed end. I have heard about writers who get up before dawn to work before their family stirs. But …Read More

You Can’t Fail At Being Yourself

December 29, 2016 by - 8 Comments

    In my life, I have set myself up for failure a lot, confusing goal-setting with imperious, inviolable self-commands. I’ve never seen failure as┬ámy friend, even though I was taught by my father from a young age that failure is simply another kind of opportunity. Perhaps I just never believed it. Okay, it’s pretty …Read More

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