A Wonderfully Human Kind of Joy

December 24, 2017 by - 6 Comments

  This painting by Matthias Stom (Dutch, 1600-1652+) is so vibrant and full of life that it speaks loudly of joy. Stom was Dutch, but he did most of his painting in Italy, closely following the style of Caravaggio. I love this painting’s warm, humid temperature, its Mediteranean feel. It’s a refreshing change from the …Read More

Have Yourself a Low-Stress Holiday Season

November 2, 2017 by - 12 Comments

  “You’re already holiday shopping, so…” Dear PayPal: It’s November 1st. We’re not even done with Allhallowtide and Veteran’s Day is November 11th (Observed Friday the 10th.) Thanksgiving comes on Thursday, November 23rd. I gather, PayPal, that the holiday shopping to which you refer is linked to the winter holidays, mainly Hanukkah (December 12-20) and Christmas, …Read More

The Glitter is Over. Long Live the Glitter.

January 2, 2013 by - 4 Comments

My son (not the one pictured above) started listening to Christmas carols back in September. That is not a typo. Yes. September. We told him that those songs were NOT ALLOWED until after Halloween, and then they could only be listened to in his room up until Thanksgiving. But thirteen year-old boys are notoriously unreliable …Read More

Moments of Bliss

December 24, 2010 by - 5 Comments

If you let them, traditions can be like welcome sighs in the midst of chaos. This year, our daughter, Nora, didn’t get home for her college break until four days before Christmas. The house was already decorated, the gifts were wrapped, the cookies baked (mostly). For her whole life she’s been an integral part of …Read More