Origins: Nora Roberts’s Northern Lights

December 5, 2008 by - 6 Comments

I confess that–for much of my adult life–I was a book snob. There were certain categories of books that I had stopped reading because I had decided that they weren’t, well, serious. Romance novels were in that category. I’d read tons of Phyllis Whitney as a teenager (Spindrift is just the best title, ever.) and …Read More

Yes, I’m Going to Gush–Just This Once

July 21, 2008 by - 1 Comment

I’ve always disliked that tired old phrase, “Nice guys finish last.” It simply isn’t always true. Over the last year, I’ve made the acquaintance of many successful people in writing and publishing, and I could qualify nearly all of them as nice–at least to some extent. But my friend, the writer Luanne Rice, is Queen …Read More