Dreams Like Spider Webs

July 11, 2022 by - 6 Comments

  A Little Flutter for BLISS HOUSE– Read this part first, and today, okay?       For the past few days, BLISS HOUSE, the first book in my haunted house gothic series, has been free on Kindle. I’m over the moon that nearly 2000 new readers have downloaded it! Seriously, I’m ridiculously excited. CHARLOTTE’S …Read More

In The Handbasket: Tish Cohen

August 12, 2008 by - 3 Comments

The writing world is like an enormous, small town. So even though she lives north of the border, I got to know Tish Cohen this past winter when she generously pitched in to make our blog day for Patry Francis such a huge success. It’s been a busy few years for Cohen. Even before her …Read More

A Touch of Melancholy Spring

March 19, 2008 by - 2 Comments

It is raining today. It has been raining here in Southern Illinois for over twenty-four hours–the flip side of the tender blessings of spring. Our pond overflowed its banks yesterday, sending torrents of brown water over the dam that is our driveway and up onto the boardwalk steps leading to the gazebo. When I awoke …Read More

Blogging for Patry (repost from MySpace)

January 3, 2008 by - 11 Comments

Do you know Patry Francis? She’s the author of THE LIAR’S DIARY, an engaging, character-driven thriller with one of the most memorably unreliable narrators I’ve ever read. THE LIAR’S DIARY was released in hardcover last spring, but this fall, Patry was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. I met Patry on myspace and read …Read More