Is That A Salad Around Your Neck?

July 22, 2008 by - 4 Comments

If you know me, you know what a sucker I am for Project Runway. Actually, the whole family is addicted–even Bengal, our eight year-old, will comment on the challenges. He knows that one really should stay away from produce during the Make-an-Outfit-at-the-Winn-Dixie challenge. Though it worked out for Korto last week. (Love the kimono look, …Read More

Fever Dreams and Rotary Club

November 15, 2007 by - 1 Comment

Project Runway began tonight, once again. Why is it that Heidi Klum is so stunning, but she looks dreadful in almost every outfit she wears on the show? Puzzling. But the show was a balm to my sniffy self–I’ve had a cold and fever for three days. Each night has brought strange dreams: cat-eating crocodiles …Read More