Novel to Film: Matheson’s Stir of Echoes

April 5, 2017 by - 3 Comments

(I’m over at TKZ today, talking about making writing a choice. Here’s a post I did a while back about one of my favorite book-to-film projects.)       Novel to Film: Matheson’s A Stir of Echoes Saturday morning, P came home from breakfast at a local diner to find me standing about six feet …Read More

Andromeda Pain

June 2, 2008 by -

I just have to speak out on this–Last week I watched the A & E miniseries of The Andromeda Strain. It was quite possibly the worst thing I’ve seen on television in years. If you loved the original 1971 film of the Crichton novel, I beg you to stay far, far away from the miniseries. …Read More