Daily Handbasket: Daydreaming Williamsburg

May 30, 2017 by -

Maybe it’s because yesterday was Memorial Day, a rather patriotic holiday, or that I’m doing our (extended) taxes, or perhaps that I’m thinking of vacations–but I felt a need to go back and look at the pics from our last trip to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. It’s definitely my favorite theme park, and very much appeals …Read More

My Summer Vacation

July 20, 2011 by - 4 Comments

The kids and I spent ten days in Washington, D.C. and environs this month. I took about 700 pictures–but I’ll only post a few of my favorites here. Don’t you hate it when people invite you over to see their boring vacation pics?! There are thousands of national treasures in Washington, D.C., but the Library …Read More