101 Bouquets for You!

I knew my 100th post was coming up quickly–and now I see that this post is #101. What began on MySpace as rather a lark two years ago has now become a necessity for me. I’m grateful for the privilege of being in almost daily touch with friends and readers (and readers who are now friends!). I have loved being able share those shiny objects that catch my attention, and the small joys my writing life has given me.

Long ago, before I’d published a word, I suggested to P in a wondering sort of tone that I might keep a diary of Pomegranate’s childhood–detailed with her progress and my thoughts about being a mother. He asked me why I wanted to do it, and said that I surely must be thinking I would eventually publish it, that anyone who says that they write only for themselves isn’t being truthful. I demurred, reluctant to let him, or anyone, think that I would be so crass as to exploit our darling daughter in such a way. I wish I’d started that journal–not because I’d want to publish it, but because her childhood as drifted away from me and I’ve forgotten so very much that I wish I’d held on to. Of course, I have exploited my children and family a thousand different ways in my work–but not so that anyone would see. A writer is good at hiding those things. Even from herself.

It’s true that I always write with a reader in mind–it’s you, the reader, that I hope to surprise, to delight, to please in some small way, or even, occasionally, provoke. Though I usually save that provocation thing for my prose. This is my playground, and I especially enjoy it when I can introduce other writers, other worlds to whoever wanders by.

So, thank you so very much for reading!

5 thoughts on “101 Bouquets for You!”

  1. JJ Cooper says:

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  2. JJ Cooper says:

    Oops, bad typo on the first post – sorry.

    Congrats on the posting milestone, Laura.

    My wife bought a copy of Isabella Moon for her sister as a gift the other day. Notch up another Aussie sale.

    Hope all is well.


  3. Hey beautiful Laura,

    Congratulations! I’m glad you do this blog — it’s loads of fun for me which is all I care about in my selfish little heart. 🙂 But seriously, I love having a chance to hear your thoughts and see new writers. I know what you mean about wishing to have kept journals at different times — I’ve never been able to do so, but I wish I had kept a few notes just because I’m having to dig really hard to remember some things for my current project.

  4. Thanks for giving us such wonderful books to read, and congratulations on the hundredth post.

  5. AnswerGirl says:

    A therapist friend of mine once had the chance to interview Dr. Spock, and asked whether he’d wished he’d done anything different as a parent.

    He said he’d wished he’d kept a journal of his children’s upbringing — not for himself or for any outside readers, but as letters for the children themselves to read when they were older, so they would understand why he’d done some of the things he’d done.

    She went home and started keeping her own parenting journal that night.

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