A Spooky Start to October: A Buggy Short Story, Book Prizes, and a Sparkly New Ad

You know how I hate to send you away from here, but I’ve been busy at a couple of other places around town. The good news is that you can win goodies. Books, specifically. My books, very specifically!

The Horror Writers Association is doing an entire month of Halloween blogs. Halloween Haunts kicked off on the 1st and continues through the 31st. October 2nd, I wrote about terrifying a sweet young boy at my daughter Opera Poodle’s first Halloween party. (Yes, there are days when I am the worst mother, ever.) ¬†Also on that page, a tidy, first chapter excerpt of DEVIL’S OVEN. Plus, you can win all three of my novels. Such a deal…I hope you’ll check it out. It’s a very silly story.

You’ll ¬†recognize it by this image. I got the pin at Hot Topic. (With an almost-13 year-old, I’m there a lot.)

Thing Two: I can hardly tell you how excited I am to share my latest short story, “When I Make Love to the Bug Man” with you. It’s over at PANK magazine. The delightful and talented Court Merrigan invited me to contribute a story to the PANK pulp issue. And this story is definitely pulpy. It’s contemporary, but its lineage is definitely in the pulpy confession/true story mags of the past. And, yes, it has bugs in it. Definitely horrific. Please let me know what you think after you’ve read it.

Link: “When I Make Love to the Bug Man”

Thing Three: One of my favorite writer chicks in the world, J.T. Ellison, has included DEVIL’S OVEN in the monthly drawing she does in connection with her newsletter. If you sign up for her (incredibly interesting, organized and timely) newsletter, you could win signed copies of her spooky thriller THE IMMORTALS and my Appalachian Frankenstein novel, DEVIL’S OVEN.

Definitely a win-win!

Hmmmm. Was there something else?

Oh, yes. I’ve dipped my toes into the world of book advertising. You just might see this ad as you traipse across the web. I think it’s very fun, thanks to JT Lindroos, who also designed the ebook covers of ISABELLA MOON and CALLING MR. LONELY HEARTS.

More soon!

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