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Hey, welcome to the very last week of February. This one includes a Bonus Day, which is kind of cool. I feel like February 29th should be a holiday since it only comes every four years, right? Maybe take a long, deep breath before March and the tumble of gray, windy days that lead to spring. Stay inside this Saturday and read, or clean out the bird feeders? Okay, let’s skip the whole deep breathing/bird feeder cleaning thing. Bird flu. Bacteria. Etc.

If you happened on my last couple posts or social media, you know we’re coming to the end of a winter of challenges at our house. Nothing tragic, but wearing, and kind of dusty. I’ve had some grisly respiratory illness that has put me out of commission for nearly the entire month (aka Buy Stock in Puffs Month). My concentration has been shot, and I’ve watched a LOT of television. Highlights: Parasite, Zac Efron as Ted Bundy, the first two seasons of Line of Duty, The Whisperers (1966). For whatever reason, I have a hard time reading or writing–even texting!–when I’m sick. But before I complain too much, let me say that if you’re sick or have been, I hope the sunshine comes soon and you feel better quickly. Spring is coming and then we’ll all just be sneezing!

All this winter drama has meant the paperback release of THE STRANGER INSIDE has totally snuck up on me. As in–it’s tomorrow!

Back in the way back, a book that came out in hardcover would also come out in paperback a year later. But the difference was that the hardcovers would seem to disappear sometime after six to nine months, and you’d have to either buy one used from a used bookstore, get it from the library, or hunt around for one if you missed it. Or you’d wait for the cheaper paperback to finally be available. Now, books are often released simultaneously as hardcovers and paperbacks–along with audio and ebook versions. There might be a mass market version (slightly smaller, slightly cheaper) after six months or a year, but it’s not necessarily so.

Still! I’m delighted that Mulholland has put out THE STRANGER INSIDE as a paperback. Paperback advantages: It’s lighter! Cheaper! Bendable! It has a cool list of Nice Things People Said About The Book in the front! It’s smaller! It has a tiny picture of me on the back!

Would you, could you help a girl out?

Please tell your friends it’s available? Post on your Instagram or Facebook or (do they do books?!) about it? Do a blog post?Over the next few days I’ll have some posts and pics on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for you to share if you’re there. You’re the reason that word gets around, and I can’t thank you enough. I’m always humbled by the support of my best readers when it pops up on my screen. The very best kind of surprise…

UNLIKE coming home and finding a weird ass stranger living in your house. So. Go lock your doors. Comment below by 11:59 tonight, 2/24, if you want to be eligible for a surprise (!) giveaway of the first signed THE STRANGER INSIDE paperback.

THANK YOU for spreading the word! *Mwauh!*


8 thoughts on “Anticipation!”

  1. . . . Ooo, maybe you’ve come up with a great new idea for online dating. Something like You post your fave book, and meet others with the same fave book.

    Well, I’m not on because I’ve already met the love of my life<3, but I'm posting on my blog this week, so I'll give your The Stranger Inside paperback a shout out and a link.:-)

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      There has to be something for book lovers out there, yes. Maybe Goodreads should get into the dating business. Think of all the kindred spirits!

      THANK YOU for possibly giving the book a mention on your blog, Priscilla. Anytime in the next week or two would be fabulous. Let me know if you want to do your own giveaway and I’ll provide. 💙

  2. Heidi Houghton says:

    Being an “Anne” fan I love Priscilla’s idea. It should even be named I now want to know if that website exists.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      Looks like it does, but it’s owned by a network group. Probably one that will sell the domain for many dollars. Looking for a business opportunity, Heidi?! You know your books, for sure.

  3. Melissa says:

    Sounds like a great read! Happy to share for you.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      Thanks so much, Melissa!!!

  4. Cindy Gunnin says:


    1. Laura Benedict says:

      Thanks, Cindy! xx

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