ARCs are here!

What’s an ARC, you ask? Why, it’s an advance reader’s copy of a forthcoming book. It’s the paperback that goes out to book reviewers so they have time to read it and review it before publication day. It’s often also sent to buyers for bookstores and libraries. Inside its covers, there are always typos and the occasional mis-named character. Or something about the book’s timeline may be off. There’s always something. But, rest assured, while the ARC is out, there are still eyes on the manuscript itself. All (well, nearly all) the mistakes will be fixed.

The day an ARC arrives at my house is a cause for celebration, and today I’m very excited. The Abandoned Heart is the end of the contracted trilogy of Bliss House novels. (There will be more Bliss House tales. I’m only taking a break after this one.) What a bittersweet event. I love all of my characters, but the three women at the center of this book–Amelia, Lucy, and Kiku– are as special to me as Charlotte in Charlotte’s Story and Rainey and Ariel in Bliss House. I think you’ll love spending time with them, too. They bear the weight of Bliss House’s secrets. In many ways, they are the secrets.

I can’t wait for you to read The Abandoned Heart!  Click here to read a nice, long excerpt from the beginning of the book.

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4 thoughts on “ARCs are here!”

  1. bucqueen72 says:

    So exciting! Would love to be one of the lucky readers to obtain an ARC! Best wishes!

  2. Alice Boni says:

    Would love to read Abandoned Heart. I just finished Charlotte’s Story and will write the review later today. You do that spooky stuff so well. The books have been a bit more intense that I usually read but Bliss House grabbed me and wouldn’t let go till I finished it. Not often I stay up so late reading but hated to put either of them down. I can’t wait to read this adventure. Hugs Alice

  3. Stephanie says:

    So excited to read this next chapter of Bliss House! I can’t wait until it is put out.

  4. Alice Boni says:

    I have loved this series.It is just spoky enough to be wonderful. The first two have been great and I’m sure this one will also. thank you for writing such a delightful book. alice

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