Bliss House

May 11, 2014 by -

Now available in paperback! Death never did come quietly to Bliss House… Amidst the lush farmland and orchards in Old Gate, Virginia, stands the magnificent Bliss House. Built in 1878 as a country retreat, Bliss House is impressive, historic, and inexplicably mysterious. Decades of strange occurrences, disappearances and deaths have plagued the house, yet it …Read More

Isabella Moon

May 11, 2014 by -

Idyllic Carystown, Kentucky seems to be the perfect place for Kate Russell to hide from a vindictive, abusive husband. She has a good job, a new best friend, and a new man. For two years she’s cautiously happy, until the ghost of Isabella Moon, a nine-year-old girl who’s been missing since Kate came to town, …Read More

Calling Mister Lonely Hearts

June 22, 2012 by -

Roxanne, Alice, and Del were schoolgirls and best friends together at Our Lady of the Hills School. They shared the silly secrets of girlhood, but also shared something less innocent: the destruction of the life and reputation of a handsome priest, Father Romero. They all but forget Romero until they grow to adulthood, leading their …Read More

Surreal South 11

April 6, 2012 by -

This volume of profoundly weird stories is, we believe, an almost-perfect nexus of the literary and the genre. The stories it contains offer brilliant prose and unabashed plots. They are highly intelligent and compulsively readable. And they all celebrate ghosts and monsters. We really like ghosts and monsters. We’re betting that you do too. Order:

Devil’s Oven

February 29, 2012 by -

Deep in Appalachia, there’s an unknown mountain called Devil’s Oven, a place where extraordinary, dark things have been happening for centuries. Now, the mountain has given Ivy Luttrell, a lonely seamstress, the power to fashion herself the perfect man. But instead of bringing Ivy happiness, her creation terrorizes the nearby town with a brutal single-mindedness …Read More

Fiction Friday: John Hornor Jacobs’s “Old Dogs, New Tricks”

November 25, 2011 by - 2 Comments

Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving Fiction Friday, dear readers. Since today is also kind of a holiday, I couldn’t resist giving you an extra-special treat. John Hornor Jacobs’s story, Old Dogs, New Tricks, reached out and grabbed us by the collective throat here at Surreal South central, and wouldn’t rest until we put it in the book. Seriously, …Read More

Troped to Death

October 10, 2011 by - 1 Comment

I like my horror with a certain amount of…elegance. I don’t mean that I require diamonds, silk, and pretty words with my scary stories. Okay. I do like pretty words. Words that evoke images that tell a story in themselves–a kind of circular beauty. (Speaking of stories, Surreal South ’11 is going to press today! …Read More

Surreal South 2011: The List

June 17, 2011 by - 1 Comment

I can hardly believe that we’re working on the third volume of Surreal South: an Anthology of Short Fiction. The series started when a writer/editor at Press 53 asked Pinckney if he’d be interested in writing a craft book for them. When  Pinckney told her that he had an idea for a collection of surreal …Read More

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