The Abandoned Heart

April 25, 2016 by - 3 Comments

There is no bliss to be found in Bliss House. In Old Gate, Virginia, stands a grand house built by Randolph Bliss, a charming New York carpetbagger who, in 1878, shook off dire warnings to build his home elsewhere. For the ground beneath Bliss House is tainted with the kind of tragedy that curses generations, …Read More

Haunted Holidays

November 21, 2014 by - 1 Comment

Haunted Holidays: 3 Short Tales of Terror Three devious divas of horror — Lisa Morton, Laura Benedict, and Carolyn Haines (aka R.B. Chesterton)—liven up your holiday fireside reading with three tales of Christmas fear. The Christmas Ornament by Carolyn Haines (aka R.B. Chesterton) — Six graduate students should know better than to party at an …Read More