Belated Monday Miscellany

Next week is my big appearance with Joyce Carol Oates at the Kentucky Women Writers Conference! Any advice? I have 25 minutes to talk, including a brief reading from CALLING MR. LONELY HEARTS. What to wear? Do I have time to lose five pounds? Have a little eye work done? Get a hefty dose of that gravitas stuff?! Actually, I’m really looking forward to it and can’t wait. It’s always such a pleasure to see Joyce, and Lexington is so lovely.

I’m thrilled to announce that J. Dillon Woods has accepted Love vs.Lust for his VERSUS anthology. From the website: “Versus is a collection of works based on the theme of pitting iconic characters or forces against one another (for example, “Jesus VS Thor” or “Adolph Hitler VS Grendel”)” It’s an original, freaky collection–but I’m told there are some emotionally powerful pieces as well. I went for strangely epic and mythological (per Josh). Who knew?!

If you’re at the Press 53 website checking out Versus, please do take a look at the guidelines for Surreal South 2009, the anthology of short fiction which Pinckney and I are editing. Our first volume was in 2007 and contained lots of heavy-hitters, including Daniel Woodrell, Robert Olen Butler, Tom Franklin and Rodney Jones. This time we’re looking to publish emerging writers–but we want pieces from the edge of the dream world that will leave readers breathless with wonder, and maybe fear or even delight. We have many, many submissions already, and we strongly suggest that you take a good look at the first volume to understand what it’s all about. As for the Southern part: if you’ve done time in the South, that counts too!

The emerging and fabulous Kyle Minor was in SS 2007 and will be in 2009 as well. Take ten minutes and check out his killer piece for Plots With Guns here. (He has a new collection out with DZanc Books soon!)

Too much to absorb in one post? Here’s a photo to give you a little break. This guy was on our deck yesterday:

Finishing up–

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Last but definitely not least…Mystery writer and Sisters in Crime president Roberta Isleib will be in the Handbasket tomorrow!