Laura’s Notes from the Handbasket

THE STRANGER INSIDE 2.0 IS HERE (And Mama Couldn’t Be Prouder)

SHE’S HERE! I want to break out into the old Stevie Wonder song, Isn’t She Lovely. Since you can’t hear me anyway, I guess I can, yes? This book shot was the first one I took in my remodeled home office. It’s still empty of course, except for the wall hangings. I think my new baby looks …Read More

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  Hey, welcome to the very last week of February. This one includes a Bonus Day, which is kind of cool. I feel like February 29th should be a holiday since it only comes every four years, right? Maybe take a long, deep breath before March and the tumble of gray, windy days that lead …Read More

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Words for the New Year, Part 2

We’re in mid-renovation due to a September plumbing disaster at Chez Benedict. One half of our house looks like we’re auditioning for Hoarders. The other half looks a lot like this:   I’ve been through renovations before, yet they never get easier. Well, I guess the one we did with a nine-year-old and a toddler in …Read More

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