Catching Up, the Terrible Posture Version

On Thursday I’m off to Chicago, again–this time to the Love Is Murder Conference. Mystery conferences are usually pretty laid back and a lot of fun for everyone who attends. Plus, it’s always fun to freak out the business folk who wonder why the hotel bar is packed with drunk people talking about books.

Of course, I was just up in Chicago two weeks ago at The Book Cellar. Finally, here are the photos–my sweet sister sent them to me last week. Suzy Takacs, the owner of the store was a delightful host, and I had a great time reading with James Kennedy, author of The Order of Odd-Fish, and Bryan Alaspa.

And my sister, Teresa, came all the way from California to hang out with Pom and me at the bookstore!

Working kind of backward, then forward again….

I met with a terrific group of readers who braved the cold to come to Jim Huang’s Mystery Company bookstore in Carmel, Indiana. Jim is one of the hosts of the 2009 Bouchercon World Mystery Convention to be held in Indianapolis in October. I was delighted to have a photo with the other Sisters In Crime members who attended the reading, too. (And, yes, Jim is a Sister!)

On Saturday the 24th I trotted over to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, which is only about an hour from my home, and signed at the Barnes and Noble store there. Daniel Seiler was my delightful CRM host, but, alas, I forgot to take any pictures.

I’m so glad that all the bookstores I’ve been visiting have been so warm and friendly, because this has been the landscape of the last few weeks of the tour–very cold and snowy:

And does anyone else you know tote this much stuff around? Two trips it took me from the car to the hotel room at each stop. Suitcase for clothes, hair dryer/toiletry bag, computer bag, food bag and purse. Sometimes I think I’m part turtle and must carry my home with me. I expect it’s a security thing–I find it difficult to leave my family and things behind. I won’t even reveal, though, all the unnecessary things I bring along. Feel free to imagine, though!

7 thoughts on “Catching Up, the Terrible Posture Version”

  1. I always ended up taking too much luggage because basically, you never know what you might need 🙂

    I received my copy of Calling Mr Lonely Hearts on Monday and I finished it this morning before coming to work. I thought it was such a haunting and tragic story and I absolutely loved it. Especially the visions I had of the owls 🙂 🙂

  2. Drunk writers at a conference? Why is that a mystery? ha ha ha ha Never been to one but I believe the stories I hear, because I know writers.

  3. Hi, Danielle–I totally agree. I always tell myself I can pick up things I’ve forgotten when I get to my destination, but I take everything anyway!

    I’m so glad you liked CMLH–I love the owls, too. There seem to be birds in everything I write.

    Mark–You crack me up! Things have been pretty tame thus far. We’re sharing the hotel with re-enactors. Very interesting.

  4. As long as they are NOT re-enacting the Chicago fire I guess it would be OK sharing with them your temporary abode.

  5. Hey beautiful Laura,

    Hope all is going well with the travel. As for packing, I feel your pain. I pretty much take it all and let God sort me out. 🙂 I’m with Mark on the re-enactors. That’s a very mysterious hobby to me — if I had to reeanct something, God only knows what it might be.

  6. jodi says:

    The problem is your hygiene items are the same for one night as 30 nights!! I only take a carry on, so I’ve learned to go light. Or buy it when I get there. Go somewhere warm, girl!

  7. Welcome, Jodi! Believe me–Chicago is the last place I would schedule a February conference if I had a choice!

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