CMLH Is In The House

A little more on the Big City tomorrow. The FedEx folks delivered my copyedited manuscript for CALLING MR. LONELY HEARTS yesterday morning. I had been wondering when it would arrive and had bugged my editor’s assistant about it when I saw him in the bar at Thrillerfest. But it turns out he’d been promoted to no one’s assistant just a day earlier, so he had no idea. (Go, Paul!)

The really great news is that there are far, far fewer marks on this ms. than there were on ISABELLA MOON. The bad news is that I’ll be tempted to futz around with it more–and that a December release date means ARCs (Advance Reader Copies–the ones that go out to reviewers, media, etc.) need to happen very quickly. So if I seem distracted….

How funny are these “additions to standard proofreading marks?” Way more fun than the regular ones!

(via Nathan’s Notebook)

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