Daily Handbasket: The Friday Late Edition

(I don’t buy all my clothes in gas station markets, but if I do, you can bet they’ve got to be pretty darned adorable)


It’s still Friday somewhere, yes?

I was exhausted from sorting and hauling and shopping and laughing and running through the lightning/rain yesterday, and fell asleep in my hotel room in Champaign last night before I could get the blog up. And today there was more of the same, though fortunately little rain. But my daughter has weeded everything out that she could and we took many, many clothes and domestic goods to Goodwill, and donated many books to the library. She’s just about ready to leave for her summer gig. Time flies.

I’ve told you before about the Mysterious Radio podcast. It’s full of tales of hauntings and myriad conspiracy theories. I listen purely for entertainment purposes, but there are some episodes that fascinate me more than others. Today I went back and listened to two episodes on Flat Earth theory. Yes, that’s a thing.  Some of the guy’s points and the connections he made sounded strangely…plausible. But I confess I still think we live on a sphere, not a plane.

I’m home now. The garden is perky from watering and rain, and we watched the 2-episode finale of Supernatural tonight. Are you a Supernatural fan? I would feel much worse about the finale if I hadn’t read that the actors who play Dean, Sam, Crowley, and Castiel have signed up for season 13. Season 12 was oddly uneven, though the finale was excellent.

Now that I’m home, I have a couple of projects to finish up–including our taxes, for which we have an extension. So if I’m grouchy next week, you’ll know why. But once those projects are behind me, I have not one, but two novel projects to start outlining. And I need to get back up to speed on working out. I did great leading up to the Edgars, and don’t want to completely lose momentum. At the risk of sounding like a meme, I believe exercise is a gift we give to our future selves.

Speaking of memes–The pic is from a tee shirt I bought this week. It’s my new favorite. I love owls, and I was thoroughly charmed by the image of an owl in red glasses!

Laundry and writing this weekend for me. What’s your plan? 💜


May 18 Words
Journal:  35 words
Long fiction: 0 words
Short fiction: 0 words
Non-fiction: 0 words
Blogging: 389 words
Exercise: Does hauling boxes count?

2 thoughts on “Daily Handbasket: The Friday Late Edition”

  1. skyecaitlin says:

    :)) Hauling boxes count! I will have to listen to the podcast, too. I never saw Supernatural, but it’s always on television, so I will watch it. We had 95 degrees with high humidity for 3 days ( and poor air quality), and today, it rained the temperatures dropped 45 degrees…good grief.
    Two novels are floating around in your mind? Laura, I can’t wait until your new book gets published and I need to let your creativity rub off on me. Right now, I am in a serious work out mode—I have to start: working online grading PRAXIS tests and SAT essays for hours is isolating and killing my back. I would rather work at Starbucks, OK, I’m going to read and watch a movie on LMN and do some mild yoga, etc. Have a great evening.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      Oh, I hope the weather turns more sensible soon.

      Wow–all that grading! You are a brave woman. Take good care of that back! 💜

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