Daily Handbasket: Packing Up My Baby Girl


Today I go to my baby girl’s apartment to help her get ready to move far, far away. We’ll have her back home for just a couple of weeks in June, but then she goes to her summer gig, and from there to start a new life far south of here. Nora’s been away from home at various schools and working for nearly eight years, so you would think I’d be used to her coming and going. But now it really feels like she’s going. Of course, wherever she goes, I won’t truly be far away, because my heart ❤️ is always with her.

(I’m also over at the Kill Zone blog today, talking about crazy family sayings.)


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2 thoughts on “Daily Handbasket: Packing Up My Baby Girl”

  1. skyecaitlin says:

    Laura, enjoy every moment!

    1. Laura Benedict says:


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