Daily Handbasket: Rabbit, Rabbit, and Frog, Oh My

(Ribbit! Ribbit! Worst rabbit impersonation ever.)





Rabbit! Rabbit! Happy 1st of June.

The other evening Husband and I were walking down to close the gate. It was dark and humid, and the sky was clear and full of stars. I used to be afraid of being out in the dark in the country because I grew up in the suburbs, and I thought the country was too quiet, too mysterious. But Husband grew up on a dairy farm and loves nothing more to live surrounded by…nothing. We do have a few neighbors, and a highway nearby, but even when both the highway and neighbors are quiet, it doesn’t mean the evening is anything close to silent.

Sometime in early March, the peepers show up (sound files here), just emerged from wherever tiny frogs emerge from. Our pond, probably. (I was never part of an elementary school science class that grew frogs from the tadpole stage.) But by May, they are gone–where, I don’t know. I used to think they were just immature frogs that grew up, but they’re not. Finally, after the peepers are gone, the bigger frogs show up, and we get quite a chorus. All year round there are coyotes, and owls–screech owls and barred owls and occasionally Great Horned Owls with thrilling, deep calls. The deer are out in the woods, but of course they’re silent unless they’re bursting through the brush. We have cattle in the neighborhood, too, and they’re often active and vocal at night.

That evening, I remarked that one of the cows on the neighboring farm sounded very mournful. “Listen to it,” I said. “It sounds strange.”

Husband, ever droll, replied, “Probably because it’s a bullfrog.” Who knew? I confess I’d never before put two and two together. 🙃 🐸 🐮

The tax backup is finally done and I swear, swear, swear that I’m going to keep up with it all for 2017. I’ve been dying to get this finished because I’ll be working on 2 books simultaneously–a prospect I’m VERY excited about.

Our girl is here for the next week or so, and we went off together to babysit the cutest 6 month-old in the world while his parents (close friends of my daughter) enjoyed an anniversary dinner out. We’ve also been watching The Keepers on Netflix. It’s devastating, but very compelling.

Have a great unofficial beginning to summer!


May 31st Words

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Exercise: Lots and lots of baby walking. 👶🏻

2 thoughts on “Daily Handbasket: Rabbit, Rabbit, and Frog, Oh My”

  1. Having grown up in the country I, like your husband, love the night sounds. My favorite is the whip-poor-will. I remember falling to sleep many nights to their call.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      Hi, Rebecca! I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a whip-poor-will here. Now I’m curious and will look up the call online. 🐥🕊🐦

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