And Then Everything Turned Green


Happy Friday! It’s been a restful, if wet and dreary, week back home. A little cursory research tells me that we’ve had nine or ten inches of rain in the last six or seven days. When I left for New York last Tuesday, I could still see through the trees to the sky. But now look how shaggy and green everything is. There won’t be any mowing for several days though–the mowing tractors tend to slide down the hills if it’s muddy and that’s terribly dangerous.

It’s been a week of odds and ends, and easing back into work and my routine. Did I say routine? I’m working on that. I’m writing a short story, and it’s going well, mostly. It’s always tough to find the proper voice for a story, but I think I finally have it.

I hope to have good news for you soon, but the last 48 hours have been exciting for all the wrong reasons: I’ve been crazy itchy because I found I had gotten six tick bites on Tuesday. (And I wasn’t rolling around in the grass, but just taking photos in the garden!) I won’t go on about that –no one wants to hear about those nasty little critters. And coming home after being away always reminds me of all the things that need to be done in the house: painting, patching, planting. Is it any wonder that writing is the perfect escape? The only question is how to prioritize.

Something that couldn’t wait– Our Hrothgar had his annual shots today. Wagged his tail the whole time!

What a good boy. He acts much more like a 2-year-old than the 12-year-old he actually is.

I’ll be writing all weekend, with a quick trip to pick out some annuals for the garden. If you’re out, don’t forget the DEET and sunscreen!

All Good Things. 😊


May 4th Words

Journal 200 Words

Long fiction: 0 words

Short Story: 500 words

Non-Fiction: 0 words

Blog: 320 words

Exercise: 315 words


5 thoughts on “And Then Everything Turned Green”

  1. Karen Terry says:

    Be careful with the ticks. I read an article on that ticks will be real bad this year

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      You’re right–a warm winter and a very wet spring brings the out. Plus deer. 🦌

  2. skyecaitlin says:

    Lovely pictures, especially your dog. You are always so very productive and creative. Enjoy, enjoy.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      Aw, thanks. He’s a silly, silly dog, and eats things only a goat would. That’s a Lab for you! 🙃

      1. skyecaitlin says:

        Labs are a great breed.

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