Garden Madness, Part the Second

More flowery goodness from the Missouri Botanical Garden’s St. Louis Garden Tour

Here’s a story of major contrasts. The first pics are from a woodland garden/wildlife sanctuary that showcases many native plants in a natural setting. I really liked that the house was nice, but not crazy fancy, like so many of the homes on the tour. The homeowners are very committed to sharing what they’ve built, and even keep small brochures near the garden entrance for year-round visitors.

The second garden. Hmmm. I think one of the docents said it best. “What you are about to see is quite effusive.”

Wildlife Sanctuary:

There wasn’t a good place to get a big overview because there was almost an acre of landscaped or groomed area. This is a shot off of the deck, looking down onto the herb/perennial garden. It’s in the shape of a butterfly’s wing.

I loved this little path. It leads to the garden gate (at the top of the shot). There were three boys selling drinks and chips. I bought a small bag of chips for .75. They had drunk the soda from their sample bottle, which was a little odd. If they hadn’t asked me if I wanted the .25 change from my dollar, I would’ve definitely given it to them. (I’m contrary that way.) Still, I admire their enterprising spirit.

How cool is this? It’s a kind of clothesline/pulley system for bird feeders. It’s anchored to the house. These hang about fifteen feet off of the ground. The owner said she uses safflower instead of black oil sunflower seed because the crows and grackles don’t like it. I have mixed feelings–I would probably put out both. I adore the calls of the red wing blackbirds we’ve had in the neighborhood lately.

Cute photo op.

Sculpture in the butterfly/perennial garden.

This was my favorite highlight. It’s hard to see, but there’s a mister that sprays out over the pond. The owner said that the hummingbirds love to come and play in the mist. I want one!

And now…the Tropical Paradise. Effusive, indeed.

Out near the drive way.

A peaceful meditation spot, above it all. Restful, yes?

Can’t wait until the next tour. In the meantime, definitely visit the Missouri Botanical Garden if you’re in St. Louis. Anytime of year. It’s not to be missed.

2 thoughts on “Garden Madness, Part the Second”

  1. carmar76 says:

    you were NOT kidding about the waterfalls! amazing, awesome, awww, … i ran out of “A” words. LOL
    : ) love it!

  2. carmar76 says:

    you were NOT kidding about the waterfalls! amazing, awesome, awww, … i ran out of “A” words. LOL
    : ) love it!

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