Happy Valentine’s Day and an Update!


Valentine Sweets for my Sweetie


Popping in to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful notes and likes and hugs this past week, since the release of THE STRANGER INSIDE. This has felt like a truly special release, and so much of that is due to you all. You’re the reason I spend my time trying to get my stories just right!

Have you read it yet?! If so, please, please leave a review to let everyone know that they should read it too!

A little update:

Today I’m setting out for Houston, for Saturday’s appearance (2/16 at 4:30 pm) at Murder by the Book. I haven’t been there in several books, and can’t wait to visit. (Bonus: I get to see Dearest Daughter, her husband, and his family.)

On my way back home, I’ll be stopping on Thursday, 2/20 (6:30 pm) at Parnassus Books in Nashville, TN, to chat and sign books and meet everyone. Another bonus: J.T. Ellison, writer, and bestie extraordinaire, is going to be interviewing me, though I suspect there will be plenty of laughing and cutting up because that’s how we roll!

With Dawn at Barnes and Noble Carbondale

If you’ve read THE STRANGER INSIDE, you already know that Kimber, the main character, is very secretive. I wrote a quick piece called The Best Unreliable Narrators in Suspense Novels, and it includes at least one book I bet you haven’t heard of and will want to check out.

Criminal Element’s John Valeri interviewed me for the site, and asked some terrific questions.

Are you looking for a signed copy of THE STRANGER INSIDE? If you’re in Southern Illinois, you can pop by our local Barnes and Noble Carbondale, IL, store. But if you’re anywhere else–and most of you are!–you can contact the good book people at Left Bank Books in St. Louis to get a signed copy. (Plus signed versions of several other of my books.) AND they will ship anywhere in the country for .99. How cool is that?

I’ll have more links when I get back next week, but here’s one I don’t want you to miss! In addition to THE STRANGER INSIDE receiving a starred Publishers Weekly review, it made an appearance in the New York Times New and Noteworthy Books column. I’m beyond excited!

Lest you think my life is only about cookies, strawberries, and the new book, I want to remind you that–as it’s Valentine’s Day–you’ll want to check out THE TROUBLE WITH CUPID. Remember Trouble, the black cat detective from The Familiar Legacy Series? THE TROUBLE WITH CUPID is an adorable collection of short Trouble mysteries, and it’s only available a few days each year–around Valentine’s Day. And don’t miss my dear friend Jen Talty’s TROUBLE’S WEDDING CAPER. It’s just out, too!

This book is as cute as its cover!


I hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s Day, and that you treat yourself like the treasure you are. More soon. ❤️

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  1. Congrats on the starred review in Publishers Weekly AND the NYT New and Noteworthy Books! Have a great time in Houston!

  2. Laura says:

    Thanks, Priscilla—they were lovely surprises! 💕

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