I Think I’m Turning Into A Vampire

As I write this, the clock is creeping up on midnight. Back in the day I routinely stayed out until two or three a.m. partying and made it to work (almost) sober by 8:30 or so. (Though as my husband and BFF Maggie can attest, I shouldn’t be allowed to talk to anyone after 10 p.m. because I get, uh, kind of bitchy.) I come by my late-night addiction honestly–My mother is still always the last to go to bed at night at her house.

Now my day begins with lunch-packings and dog-walkings and dishwasher-unloading. And I’m ALWAYS sober! But once the chores are done and the children are gone, I find myself distracted by the sunshine and have a hard time settling down to write until late in the afternoon. And so here I am with sleeping dogs at my feet, sleeping family in their beds, and a skittering sound that I don’t really want to investigate coming from down the hallway.

My mental filters break down when I’m tired and the words flow more easily. Suddenly I understand the writing advice, “Write like your parents are dead.” (Hm. Who said that, anyway?) My inner critic is tucked in bed, her alarm set. But it’s a lonesome life and 6:30 comes too darned early in the morning. No wonder so many successful writers have only four-legged life companions. I try to imagine what it would be like to stay up until three, sleep until noon and start work about four or five in the afternoon. I might as well dream of living in Paris or Amalfi, or on the moon.

Something’s going to have to give. And soon….


Here’s what I think of as my Vampire Portrait. Jay Fram, the amazing photographer who does my author pics, did it as a kind of concept photograph. I was going to put it on my website until Web Genius Andy told me it looked rather too mature. (Mature wasn’t the word he used, actually. I just can’t bring myself to say it here!) I do think it’s a very well-done portrait, but I like my perky picture better for general publicity use.

So, does it make you think dark thoughts? Not like, “oh, maybe I’ll go out and stalk someone today” dark, but like, “hey, she looks like she writes spooky writer-chick stuff like Shirley Jackson used to write.”


Sometime on Thursday, Tia Nevitt will have my guest post up at her Fantasy Debut blog. I visited there when Isabella Moon first came out and she’s such a sweetheart to have me back. I wrote about what the first year of being an actual bona-fide, published novelist was like. I’m brutally honest about it. And you should also check out Tia’s post on why vampires are not sexy–she makes a very convincing argument.

Octoberguest! gifties are on their way to the winners. Thanks for making it such a fun month!

5 thoughts on “I Think I’m Turning Into A Vampire”

  1. Mature is a balm for these eyes that have been pounding their way through the night since 1. And therein lies the crux of the good in having empty nest and retirement.

    No reason to sleep the night away.

  2. Tia Nevitt says:

    What a cool photo!

    Thanks for all the linkage. Your guest post is up now.

  3. Hey beautiful Laura,

    I understand the love of the night — I’m that way myself a little, except that each year I get to bed a little earlier. I LOVE this picture of you — mature — bah! I think it’s lovely and mysterious. I love the black and white and your face and necklace are exquisite!

  4. AnswerGirl says:

    I love that picture! And no, I don’t think it looks “mature” — but it does look “non-modern,” like a studio portrait taken in the 1950s. Which is part of what I like about it, because it puts you in the company of people like Mary Roberts Rinehart.

  5. Jay Fram says:

    Ha! See? People like it, Laura. Your readers have good taste and classic sensibilities. Thanks for sitting through the session so patiently.
    – jay

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