I’m Glad I’m Getting Paid for This!

Things I’ll be doing in October: Polishing up the details for Octoberguest!, celebrating Bengal’s ninth birthday, more reading for the novel, waiting for trade reviews of Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts, planning my Halloween costume, and, oh yeah, dieting.

I won’t lie. I have a BMI of 23.1, which is in the high-normal range. I’ve kind of skated there for quite a while and might continue if it weren’t for pesky cholesterol issues. So when this book crossed my radar, my Grand Rapids Press book review editor and I agreed that I should take a look at it. And who wouldn’t be attracted to a book that’s called the Flat Belly Diet? It sounds like instant glamour!

Of course, I’m no medical professional, so I can’t review it from a medical or nutritional standpoint–but I am, like so many people, a veteran of diets and diet books. And I am obsessive. I’ll be doing the actual diet for 32 days, and putting the results in my review.

Thus far, while I’m encouraged by the presence of oils, avocados, dark chocolate and nuts on the menu, I really hate olives. Also oatmeal and egg-white omelets leave me underwhelmed. So I have to figure out how to juggle. And I’m skeptical about some horrific-sounding stuff called “Sassy Water” that’s made with cucumbers, mint and ginger root. Also, as is mentioned in this review, they seem to overlook protein’s role as a hunger management tool. But I’m game–and if I’m going to do this, I’ll do it by the book! (So to speak.)

The GR Press doesn’t put all of their book reviews online, which is a shame given that it’s one of the few dailies that actually has a book review page. If this review doesn’t make it up there in November, I’ll post it here as soon as I’m allowed.

In the meantime, my review of Hannah Tinti’s The Good Thief is up–for a few days, at least. It’s a rave–such a good book.

Also, in the good clean fun department, I spent Sunday morning finishing Rhys Bowen’s A Royal Pain, a delightful follow-up to her first “royal” mystery, Her Royal Spyness. Think Agatha Christie with a clever, titled young heroine on the set of Gosford Park. Rhys has already been approached by film folks, so I bet it won’t be long before it’s onscreen.

Off to buy big bunches of mint!

3 thoughts on “I’m Glad I’m Getting Paid for This!”

  1. Hey beautiful Laura,
    You don’t need that wicked diet! You look stunning — but hey, I’m no one to talk. As a gymnast, I went on every diet known to woman — Atkins when Atkins wasn’t cool, low-fat, high fat, Susan Powter, Food Cop, and so on. I’m with you on the sassy water — if you get through that one, let me know. The only thing I can manage that’s healthy these days is the pink Focus Vitamin water. For some reason, it’s not as icky as the other waters.

  2. maggie Daniel Caldwell says:

    Do you remember the movie Bedazzled? Was that it – with Elizabeth Hurley as the Devil and Brendan Fraser as the guy who just wished for the cute girl to notice him and sold his soul? I’m imagining what would happen with the wish of a flat belly . . . would that extra pooch would show up in much more inconvenient places? Would an inch less in the belly take an inch off of brain matter? What would the trade off be?

  3. Laura says:

    Michelle–Pink vitamin water?! I like that you were Atkins when Atkins wasn’t cool. P and I did the Protein Power Atkins ripoff. Pizza w/out crust. Ew!

    Maggie–I loved that movie! I really hope it doesn’t show up as a double chin….I’m so glad you’re here! xo

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