I’m The Tuesday Special!

Thanks for all the emails letting me know you saw ISABELLA MOON at Target. After I get my work done, I’m going to have to take a little trip out of town today or tomorrow to see it for myself. I’ll try to sneak a picture (shhhhh!). I hope the next picture of myself I post here is not a mug shot because I’ve been caught and hauled off!

If you let me know you’ve seen it for yourself, be sure to include your address with the email so I can send you book cover magnets. Also, remember that everyone on my newsletter list is eligible for my latest extravagant Handbasket Giftbasket. (To sign up, just send me an email at laura@laurabenedict.com. Please include your name.)

Today, I’m the Tuesday Special at The Book Roast blog. Drop by to comment on my cooking skills to win a signed copy of CALLING MR. LONELY HEARTS. It’s a very fun site, and all of their author guests give away signed copies of their books. You just have to be your witty and clever self to participate–and I know how witty and clever my readers are. You’re a cinch to win!

On a creepy note–I just got a Facebook request from someone wanting to contact me through the WOULD YOU SLEEP WITH ME? application. The request informed me that I didn’t need to be alone and that someone using the app MIGHT want to meet me. Now, there’s an invitation! Ewwwww. Hey, I listed myself on Facebook as married for a reason, Mister!

4 thoughts on “I’m The Tuesday Special!”

  1. laughingwolf says:

    egad on the facebook bit, laura 🙁

    glad you were able to eliminate it… did you report it to the board admins?

    i almost forgot about the book roast, but did leave a comment for you 😉 lol

  2. I didn’t even think to report the app! I see something with a bold link, and I automatically assume it’s legit and I’m just tragically uncool. I did block it, though.

    The Book Roast is a hoot. Everyone with a book should definitely try to get on that very busy schedule!

  3. laughingwolf says:

    if you can get the yahoo’s name and/or email addy, report it to admins, even now, they hate trolls as much as the rest of us do grrrrr

    the book roast is definitely a fun way to promote books 😉

    thx for choosing me runner up, laura, but what is cmlh?

  4. CMLH=Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts!

    It’s a long title, and sometimes I get a little lazy….

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