In Which Laura Gets Her Nicolettes Straight

It seems that Michael Bolton and Nicolette Sheridan are no longer an item. Actually I don’t give a fig about their relationship, and am no big fan of Michael Bolton. I just wanted to make a reminder note to self here because it’s (almost) indelible: NICOLETTE SHERIDAN AND NICOLETTE LARSON ARE DIFFERENT PEOPLE!

I watched Desperate Housewives for a few episodes during its first season. But as a long-time Days of Our Lives/Another World fan, I know a good soap when I see one and DH just doesn’t have it. Primetime soaps are a whole different animal and I’ve never really liked them. I was impressed, though, by how well Nicolette Sheridan had aged! I recalled liking her music back in my brief soft rock phase, which was many, many years ago. And I wondered why she wasn’t singing on the show. How odd. But I gave up watching and only thought about the subject when I occasionally stumbled upon Nicolette Sheridan’s name on the Internet.

Today, though, I had to track it down because I saw the Michael/Nicolette story and it bugged me again. So:

Nicolette Sheridan: Kind of hot actress a year younger than I am who played in Knot’s Landing (I didn’t know this) and Desperate Housewives.

Nicolette Larson: A soft rock singer who was born almost exactly ten years before I was and (I definitely did not know this!) died in 1997.

There it is. I know the difference now and will never be confused again.

One other bit of information I learned in researching this: Nicolette Larson did not record or write the song I’m Not Lisa as I thought she did, well, since forever. That was Jessi Colter.

Here are the lyrics I found here, just in case you want them. I sing this song all the time–mostly the refrain. I learned it when I dated a guy who had recently dumped a girl named Lisa.

I’m not Lisa, my name is Julie
Lisa left you years ago
My eyes are not blue
But mine won’t leave you
‘Til the sunlight has touched your face

She was your morning light
Her smile told of no night
Your love for her grew
With each rising sun

And then one winter day
His hand led hers away
She left you here drowning in your tears, here
Where you’ve stayed for years
Crying Lisa, Lisa

I’m not Lisa, my name is Julie
Lisa left you years ago
My eyes are not blue
But mine won’t leave you
‘Til the sunlight shines through your face

I’m not Lisa

Research is so important!

One thought on “In Which Laura Gets Her Nicolettes Straight”

  1. AnswerGirl says:

    I get them confused all the time, too! Sheridan and Larson, I mean. Nicolette Sheridan is the one who did NOT sign “Lotta Love” and was NOT involved with Neil Young.

    But you are very wrong for having put “I’m Not Lisa” into my head. Arrgh…

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