Laura’s Summer Sabbatical: Do Carry On!


Begonias–always so cheerful and dignified–mean summer to me.


Over the past six months, these daily blogs have become something I very much look forward to writing. Even when I’m traveling, on deadline, or busy at home. Your sweet words and enthusiasm keep me going, and I love hearing about what’s going on with you, too.

After parenting, my biggest job is writing. I love all my jobs. This summer, though, I need to prioritize the novels I’m working on. There are three: One Last Secret which is going into edits at Mulholland Books, the cat detective novel, and my next suspense novel, which is already needling my brain. If I don’t make these books my priority, you won’t get to read them. And if I don’t make books, I’ll just be blogging about my garden, my dogs, my cats, random whimsy, and that I’m grouchy because I’m not writing. No one wants that, I promise.

Another reason I’ve been blogging daily is to keep myself honest with my word count. I’ll be keeping up the summer numbers (exercise, too!) in my Bullet Journal. My plan is to impress you with some big counts when I return. 😊

If there’s any big news, I’ll pop in. In the meantime, you can sign up on this very page to get my next blog delivered right to your inbox. Another of my #summergoals is to get back in the habit of regular newsletters–so you can sign up and hear from me that way (plus, you get a free short story!), and always, always feel free to be in touch via my website.

Read lots (my books, or any that catch your fancy–it’s all good!), get sunshine and exercise, love one another, and don’t forget the sunblock. I’ll see you before August is out. Big hugs! 💜





June 29th Words
Journal:  0 words
Long fiction: 125 words
Short fiction: 0 words
Non-fiction: 0 words
Blogging: 321 words
Exercise: Day 7, Yoga with Adriene, 30 minutes


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