Lions, Hyenas, and Love Songs at the Virginia Theatre

Did you know there was such a thing as The Lion King, Jr., a mini version of the fabulous Julie Taymor show, with music by Tim Rice and Elton John? This past weekend I saw a performance of it in Champaign, IL, at the gorgeous Virginia Theatre. The performers were all between the ages of eleven and thirteen, and were terrific. Our darling girl was the music director and actually got them to sing in harmony, which was no small feat.

Of course, there were no photos allowed of the production, but I had to take photos of the theatre. Be sure to read about the theatre’s impressive history. AND Peter Frampton will be there on March 30th doing an acoustic show! I can’t get there, but if you go, definitely let me know how it was.

Apologies for the terrible lighting–I could only use what was available inside.



















Hope your week is off to a wonderful start.


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2 thoughts on “Lions, Hyenas, and Love Songs at the Virginia Theatre”

  1. skyecaitlin says:

    I love reading your blog for many reasons, Laura: your photographs are wonderful, your ideas are very original, too. I have to say that I adore stained glass; when I am at Mass, I find myself getting pulled deeper and deeper into the depths of the glass and the way the sun shines through illuminating the colors ( many are in different hues of turquoise —my favorite shade). BTW, I adore Peter Frampton.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      I love stained glass, too. How lovely that the windows in your church inspire you!

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