Looking for Horror Treats? You Know I’ve Got You Covered!

It’s still October, the spooky month, and I’ve been looking at all the deals on horror novels out there. Horror is hot right now–Mr. King gave it a big kick in the pants with the long-related release of the film adaptation of IT. That’s pretty cool. And a rising tide of blood affects all boats–isn’t that the saying?

There aren’t a lot of women writing horror novels out there, but we sure do read them. Not all of my novels are horror–I like to call most of them dark suspense. The Bliss House novels have horrific elements, including ghosts, but they’re really gothic tales. Particularly because the stories are so deeply attached to the house.

Let me share two of my favorite horror works with you, if you don’t know them already: Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts and Devil’s Oven. They’re my dark heart books. Books in which I really let my imagination explore the dark recesses of my reading and film-watching past: Frankenstein, Cat’s Eye, Rear Window, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and terrifying folk tales.

Did I mention I’m sharing them with you for .99 each for the next week?!

The title Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts came from the film Rear Window. Jimmy Stewart observes a woman he calls Miss Lonely Hearts from his window. She pretends she has gentlemen callers, but they are imaginary. Then she gets sad and takes herself to the pub across the way to drink. One night she brings a strange man back to her apartment, and things get dangerously out of hand.

In Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts, three thirteen-year-old schoolgirls set out to conjure up a lover for themselves using their own brand of witchcraft and Santeria. To their surprise, handsome Father Romero soon shows up to teach at Our Lady of the Hills. When one of the girls sets out to seduce him, the other girls play along and accuse the priest of terrible deeds. His life is ruined, and he leaves town, but almost two decades later a charming, dangerous stranger named Varick appears in the women’s lives–and those lives immediately begin to fall apart. The sins of their past have come back to haunt them.


Current (ebook) cover


UK cover of Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts–my favorite of all the book’s covers


Original Ballantine cover


Devil’s Oven is my homage to Frankenstein and the creepy folk tale of the Gingerbread Man.

Devil’s Oven mountain is a place where extraordinary things have been happening for centuries. Now, the mountain has given Ivy Luttrell, a lonesome seamstress, the power to fashion herself the perfect man. But her creation terrorizes the nearby town with brutal single-mindedness. The madness quickly touches Bud Tucker, the owner of the local strip club, and his wife, Lila, wrenching apart their marriage and putting their lives at risk. The only person who may be able to save Ivy and the town is Jolene, a young dancer whose roots and power lie deep within the past, and in Devil’s Oven itself.

Cover by John Horror Jacobs


So here’s your Halloween treat! I’ve set both of these ebooks at .99 through November 2nd because I want you to read them if you haven’t. They’re available at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble online. (If you prefer paper, they’re available for a bit more.)

Devil’s Oven: Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts: Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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  1. skyecaitlin says:

    They look so good, Laura, and I am very familiar with Bliss House; I only read in paper, so I will check out Barnes and Noble.

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