Daily Handbasket: Nina, Sylvie, Beethoven, and Videos!

I took my SLR camera to St. Louis with me on Saturday, but kept forgetting it in the car. Mostly I wish I’d had it to take better photos of my nieces and nephews. All the cousins (save my daughter, who’s up east working) were gathered, ages 17 to 20, and participated in an escape room game at Escape Challenge St. Louis. I was surprised that the facility wasn’t slicker–it was quite low key. But I think that was part of the charm. The kids loved it. You can engage the imagination even in a strip mall store in Maryland Heights. While they played, one of my sisters and I went for coffee and had a good long chat. It was so good to see her. We only see each other about once a year. After lunch, my son and I stopped by the mall to pick up some Father’s Day goodies. But while the people watching at the mall is excellent, it’s not a place I’d be excited about taking photos. It’s much better to just watch and imagine the stories.

Next St. Louis trip, I’ll go somewhere more picturesque.

Looks like today is Random Animal Photo Day. Also, I spent some time last night learning how to embed videos in the blog. After being discouraged on several sites from uploading videos directly to my blog/site, I just started a channel on Youtube. Here’s the link to it, though the only videos on it are already right here.

Nina is very critical of Beethoven

Nina is a poser. She always looks as though she’s ready to have her portrait painted. Terrible lighting, but I knew she wouldn’t hang around long.


Nina found a window open and spent twenty minutes just looking outside, listening to birds, and sniffing the air. (Don’t worry. The video is only 14 seconds.)


Sylvie, shower cat who hates the water

Sometimes Sylvie will run from the other end of the house and then jump into the empty shower. It’s scary to walk into the bathroom to find the cat lingering there.


Look at me, me, me. -Sylvie

When I took photos of the Hummel pictures, Sylvie wanted to be in every shot. If you look closely you may see paw prints.


Glad to see this turtle wasn't out on the road, but headed for our ravine

Our Lab discovered this sweet turtle this morning. The way he sniffed it, he was very lucky it wasn’t a snapper.


Blue skies from now on

We’ve had just enough rain showers this week to clear the surface of the pond. Like glass.


I took this video early Saturday morning. Because it was with my iPhone 5, I couldn’t get a clear image of the beaver splashing around on its back. It was having a glorious time and was out there the whole 20 minutes the dogs and I were walking. Listen for the bullfrogs.

Monday was a really good writing day. I’m teetering on the edge of getting my footing with this novel. Two of the voices are there, and I’m working on the third. It’s a whole new kind of book for me, but it’s loads of fun to write. Hoping to sneak in a few more words before I quit. (With Sylvie’s help, of course.)

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. skyecaitlin says:

    Lovely, lovely, and I don’t know why I am answering these out of order! We are still getting rain, with one or two sunny days ( in months). The scene is idyllic.

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