Overbooked and Underworked

This is what I didn’t write today on my Facebook page:

(Laura Benedict) has discovered Word Counter–she’ll never repeat the word “soft” three times in a chapter again! http://www.wordcounter.com/

(Laura Benedict) thinks Phil Spector should have been prosecuted years ago for his hellish hairstyle. At least his victim would still be alive.

(Laura Benedict) will not eat any more malted milk balls!

(Laura Benedict) wishes Scout would wipe the drool off his yellow squeaky ball before he drops it into her lap.

(Laura Benedict) Taxes mailed!!!!

(Laura Benedict) was not happy to arrive at the soccer fields to find that Bengal’s game had been canceled due to mud. At least the coach called and left a message on her home voicemail–while she was driving Bengal to the game!

My current Facebook status announces that I’m unavailable to play there for a while because I need to get some writing done. Does anyone else find themselves terribly distracted by FB? or maybe Twitter? I’ve written here about my brief affair in the tweeting world. It was like crack for my ADHD! I couldn’t get a thing written. I’ve found that, recently, it’s been the same with Facebook.

Part of what I enjoy about Facebook is seeing what my (gasp!) 700-something “friends” are up to. I love their witty, mini-ripostes in the same way I enjoyed posts on Twitter. Facebook seems a tad more laid-back, though. The status updates aren’t quite as frequent–and I think they can be longer.

It was hard not to check my updated page a few times an hour. And sometimes I found myself composing status updates in my head….(Laura Benedict) should have just said “no” to the leftover Chicken Tikka Masala.

It gets kind of lonesome around here during the day. Checking in makes me feel like I’m in touch with the world. But am I really in touch? Maybe it just exposes me as this? (I really hope not!) Or reveals that I don’t like to work all that hard.

Nah. It’s just fun.

(Laura Benedict) needs someone to tell her to turn off her computer and go to bed right NOW!

[BTW–How long before this chick sells her story to an American film studio?!]

One thought on “Overbooked and Underworked”

  1. Hey gorgeous,

    I’m definitely with you on this one! When I get lonely (ie, most of the time), I find myself checking in on stuff. I pretty much had to ax facebook to finish my book. And I could not agree more about Mr. Specter. WTF? I read that his girlfriend does his hair. Says a lot about their relationship, I think. I ate a carton of malted milk balls because they were on sale after Easter. I’m going to rewrite Smart Women, Foolish Choices and update it to include this episode.

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