Roomba Time!

One of the tough things about working/writing from home is balancing housework, parenting and writing time. There’s the stereotype of a scatterbrained writer working amid chaos: children playing beneath her desk, laundry piling up, etc. And, yes, we’ve lived like this from time to time. But chaos is no fun to work in. Seriously. A few years ago, I discovered, and our lives shaped up considerably. Still, we’re always looking for improvement. I’m on a deadline, and deadlines call for desperate measures.

Meet our new Roomba 530. It’s zippy. It’s friendly. It’s tidy. All the things I love in a pet–I mean, vacuum. The Roomba is nothing short of remarkable. And I’m certain I’ll get more writing done just as soon as I’m able to stop watching it zip around the house, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

It needs a name, though. So I’m having a contest to name him (It’s definitely a male Roomba!). Leave your suggestion in a comment. If the Benedict family selects your suggestion, you’ll not only have the thrill of knowing we’ll forever call it by the name you came up with, but you’ll also receive a personally inscribed copy of ISABELLA MOON (sorry, no cars–I’m not Oprah). The competition ends Friday evening!

15 thoughts on “Roomba Time!”

  1. EPD says:

    How about… Roomba!

    It just does not get more originals than that.

    Or Hrothgar Jr. It can be a bonding experiences.

  2. Epitome – (epitome` – feminine)

    but when refering to it as such, one must use a tone that almost implies greek mythology…and therefore you must also be a little afraid of it, a kind of blind respect…and Epitome cleans only where Epitome decides…he is angered by human commands and will unleash wrath if defied (frayed drapes, scratched trim)…I am sure Pinckney will not like this contradiction of the 3 laws, but Epitome is obviously not an average robot…

  3. slothalot says:

    You’re a TERRIBLE influence – give me a tax rebate and something that helps around the house that doesn’t need NAGGING and doesn’t COMPLAIN and I’m in there! I’ve told my dear husband that it’s an early Christmas present for HIM. I think he fears I’ve lost my mind. But I just know I haven’t!

  4. Oh boy – do I wish I had one of those Roomba things. Then again, I keep telling my children the only reason I had them was so that I no longer had to do the vacuming.

    Sorry, no name. If I think of one I’ll let you know!

  5. Mark says:

    In response to slothalots sentiment, how about “ET”, “The Extra Testicle”. (I don’t think Cheech or Chong placed copyright on that?)

    Or maybe “The Ruminator”-considering it’s ability to help you keep the seat in the chair and typing!

    Or “RED”
    -Domestic responsibility

    In any event it sounds like a wonderful little gadget- Did your other pet chase it all over creation initially though? I would think it put poor Hrothgar into a frenzy!

  6. Erin says:

    I’d call it “Creepy Zombie Robot Thing” and kick it with disdain every time I came home. We would have an abusive but highly enmeshed relationship. Then one day, it would ask me to lower it into a pool of molten steel, declaring with monotonous rue: I cannot self-terminate.

    This is how all my relationships go.

    If your kids were older, I’d suggest Carpet Muncher.
    Hell, that’s what my dad called the dog and look how I turned out.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I vote for Grendel.

    As the great scholars at SparkNotes remind us, Hrothgar, king of the Danes, enjoyed military success and prosperity until Grendel terrorized his realm.

    Isn’t this Roomba’s M.O. the methodical terrorization of the dog Hrothgar’s realm?

    Kyle Minor

  8. MargyWrites says:

    I already have a copy of IM,which will someday be inscribed; but these are my husband’s suggestions:
    “Little Wheelie Dust Bunny Sucker”
    “Dust Beagle.”

  9. AnswerGirl says:

    Since I already have an inscribed copy of IM, I’m going to second the suggestion of “Grendel.” That’s pretty brilliant.


  10. Rebecca says:

    Okay, so here are my suggestions.

    There is the obvious: Kirby
    (cute, and to the point)

    Then there is the two name approach: Victor Vacuum
    (That way he has a first AND last name, and you can call him “V” and he comes with all sorts of cool speeches!)

    There is always the cute pet name: Spot Bot
    (He cleans up just like a puppy, only less drool.)

    As for me, I like the mythological route! How about this: Svartálfar (Here is a link to explain these little Norse “dwarves”! )

    I like that last one because roombas can be crafty creatures if left alone! You never know where those missing matching socks are going! 😉

    Okay, I’m tapped out! Enjoy naming the round new member of the family!


  11. Joe says:

    Donald Rumsfeld–because it’s sleek, robotic, and it really, really sucks.

    Then again, I name all of my pets after Asiatic conquerers. How about Genghis Khan, roaming the Eurasian steppe of your living room, purging it of filth? Ah, but you’re Romantic at heart, are you not? Tamburlaine, then!

  12. Okay, I’m thinking:


    (i.e. the little crumbtaker)


    Zen Puppy.



    (Personal Ingenious Gadget)


    I love my Roomba. Sadly, I killed the first one and am on Roomba #2. I love to just watch it move around. I do talk sweetly to it and admire it.

    Oh, my Roomba is male too. (I did not yet try the Roomba Scuba, but this may be in the cards after this one has served his last roll around.)


  13. deucerman says:

    For no particular reason…


    Oh, and I’m not one of those brown-nosers who already has a copy of “IM,” so pay up!

  14. J. Dillon says:

    The ancient Greek who claimed that nature is made of vacuums.

    Later, Aristotle claimed that nature abhors them–what a party pooper.

  15. mark says:

    I slice my own heel but I must give it up for Grendel also and third the motion… considering the context?? – pretty darn good.

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