Saturday Serendipity, 1 April 2017


Happy April Fool’s Day! 😺

Here’s a history of the dastardly day, along with a list of famous pranks.


The links go international this week:

There’s a new fiction genre on the shelves called Cli Fi. Here’s what it is.

Bestie/writer J.T. Ellison turned me onto the story of this marvelous restoration project: Château de Gudanes. Here’s their blog and website, too. Prepare to lose yourself in gorgeous history.

Tuesday was National Doctors Day. I remember a story from last fall about the female physician who was on a flight and presented herself to help a distressed passenger, but was turned away. Apparently it’s happened to many other female physicians as well. Such a shame.

Ginormous dinosaur footprints discovered in Australia. Locals have known about them for thousands of years.

Gold Heist! (Okay, one coin. But it’s a really, really valuable coin.) 🏵


WE HAVE AN EDGARS DRESS! Hope you approve–thanks for all your input here, and on FB!


I’ve been drawn to the dark side this week:

The trailer for Stephen King’s IT is pretty darn scary. Can’t believe the film doesn’t come out until September.

On Wednesday, I did a blog about the Mysterious Radio podcast. Ghosts, conspiracy theories, Hollow Earth theories, aliens. They have it all.

The Lineup is all about the creepy: from hauntings to serial killers to disappearances, and terrible crimes. Looking for something scary to read or write about? You’ll find endless inspiration.


On the blog:

The delightful southern writer of all things spooky, Amanda Stevens, dropped by the Handbasket to talk apocalyptic snacks, favorite books, and her garden of words.

Have a great weekend! 💜


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