Saturday Serendipity, 11 February 2017



It’s been a long, challenging week in the Benedicts’ little corner of So IL. The DH was gone, and the boy got his driver’s license. I finished the first draft of The Intruder and have begun reading/editing. Winter and spring are in an early battle–I haven’t seen any buds on trees, yet. Praying that they hold off another few week in case winter gets the upper hand. Hope you’re staying cozy–particularly if you’re in the snowy up east.


If you’re a writer or you’ve ever worked from home, this brilliant New Yorker dialogue will have you laughing and crying.

Pasta lovers are…healthier?! Cool. And, yum!

Using unsolved crimes and their patterns to identify possible serial murders. One man’s brilliant algorithm.

You may have noticed writers getting a lot more political lately. A warning, of sorts, from writer Tim Parks.

Music and sex stimulate the same parts of the brain. I feel like this instantly makes sense, don’t you?

Grey Gardens is on the market for $20 million. I wonder if the ghosts of Big Edie and Little Edie are there, too.

Brainpickings is one of my favorite sites to explore new information. This, on how playing music benefits your brain, confirms what I’ve found playing the piano again as an adult. It’s like magical brain food.

Here on the blog: Thoughts on knocking out the most difficult things on your list/in your life, so you can get on to the good stuff.

Have you met my bestie, writer J.T. Ellison? She’s a hella writer and one smart cookie.


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5 thoughts on “Saturday Serendipity, 11 February 2017”

  1. skyecaitlin says:

    Busy but productive week, Laura; I found the links above to be very apropos; Working from home creates a great sense of isolation; it was a cute article, and I am also very interested in the interconnection of various parts of the brain, including the proverbial ‘third eye.’ And, I am now wondering why I have not received my weekly e-mail of both Brainpickings (wonderful) or Editorial Rebelle… HMMM; I need to check out both. And I didn’t know J. T. Ellison was a writer, but I think I need to look her up now. Sending you big Saturday hugs.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      Brainpickings is delightful. I usually pick up her links from Twitter. I know if I got the email I’d spend all day on there. Quora is one of my favorite distractions these days. People ask the most unusual questions.

      Happy Weekend!

  2. J.T. Ellison says:

    I love this weekly segment, and not just because I’m in it!!! 😜❤️

    1. skyecaitlin says:

      J.T. your name sounded familiar, so I did a search for your books,, and guess what? I discovered I have had your books on my GR’s TBR list; Your photo on your website and Good Reads is different. Nice to meet you, and I know Laura is very fond of you.

    2. Laura Benedict says:

      As I love your Sunday Smatterings, too. I wondered if the guy who maps out murder patterns, looking out for serial killers would catch your eye. 👀💜

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