Saturday Serendipity 18 February, 2017


This week I was in the mood for a little silliness:

Recently I learned about hygge, the Danish coziness mantra. But the Finns, in addition to having some pretty killer tv crime shows, also have the word karlsarikannit. Hint:  it involves alcohol and maybe your underwear.

His coworkers want the mayor of this small Spanish town to call in an exorcist because the town hall is haunted. I’m all about ghosts, but I love his practical response.

Just one more reason dogs are awesome. They have a sense of morality akin to that of humans.

I confess I never thought about what might be in Catherine Zeta Jones’s closet, but this video gives an interesting glimpse. Do you think she has a whole other closet for clothes she wears to the grocery store?

Psychic detective? I loved Psych, but I don’t know about this guy,

Reader and writerly things:

Nick Holdstock catalogued all 4,000 books that writer Doris Lessing had in her cottage when she died.

The always-sharp Jane Friedman has a list of 9 Statistics Authors Should Know About Amazon. The reader in me found them fascinating, too.

When it’s okay, and even good not to write. Wisdom from Dean Wesley Smith.

Have a great weekend!


February 17th  Words

Journal:  265 words

Long fiction: 0 words

Short fiction: 0

Non-fiction: 0 words

Blogging: 220 words

Exercise: 25 minutes walking outside in the sunshine with the dogs. Gorgeous day.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Serendipity 18 February, 2017”

  1. skyecaitlin says:

    Fabulous! I couldn’t get the link for the town hall ( but I do believe in ghosts). Everything in Zeta’s closet looks the same; I do wear a lot of black, tooooo much, but her closet looked drab, except for the handbags. too tacky. I need to check out the doggie link ( my favorite beings in the world other than babies). Hopefully, I will have a baby soon ( with a tail, no doubt).

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      I have almost given up black because it feels too harsh, but it’s creeping back in because it’s so versatile. Fingers-crossed for the advent of a new furbaby for you!

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