Saturday Serendipity, 21 January 2017


A quick post because I’m at a top-secret writing retreat for the weekend. (Okay, I’m in St. Louis. It’s not such a big secret.)

This was an exciting week for me, with my first Edgar nomination. Also, I unveiled a new website design. I’m so delighted with the new look. Let me know what you think!


Why is it that sometimes time seems to fly by, but at other times it drags. Science explains.

Isaac Asimov wrote over 500 books during his lifetime. Whoa. Here’s how he did it. (Great advice for writers.)

Entomophagy = Insect eating. A history (btw the pics are not gross, thank goodness).

It’s normal if you mix up your kids’ names–even if you include the dog. It always cracks my son up when I accidentally call him Scout, the name of one of our dogs.

I like how the FBI never lets go of the D.B. Cooper case. One suspects the man who jumped out of a hijacked plane with $200k decades ago is dead by now. New evidence.

If we’re looking for lasting happiness, it’s best not to try to find it on social media. Monday’s blog.

I’ll just leave this here: Gwyneth wants to sell you jade eggs for you to tote around in your vagina, but a gynecologist says don’t even think about it. (I’m on the doctor’s side in this.)

Hope you have a great weekend! *scurries back to secret writing cave lined with chocolate, goat cheese, and sparkly grapefruit water*


January  20th Words

Journal:  425 words

Long fiction: 2077 words

Short fiction: 0

Non-fiction: 0 words

Blogging: 277  words

Exercise: Does loading the car count?


2 thoughts on “Saturday Serendipity, 21 January 2017”

  1. skyecaitlin says:

    Laura: chuckle, enjoy your ‘secret writing retreat’ lined with goodies. I enjoyed your wondrous free write ( will pass on the insects, though). Have you noticed that your fiction writing has begun to increase, lately. Enjoy, enjoy.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      Goodies, indeed. Maybe a few too many in one small space. 😉

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