Saturday Serendipity, 30 September 2017

Every Saturday, Rain or Shine

Serendipity makes a life worth living.


Happy last day of September, my dears. I hope you’re ready to say hello to fall since it really, truly, officially began last week. Here’s some links to bring you some Saturday smiles.

Random Bits

The Australian Wedge-tailed eagle can’t get enough of downing drones that show up in their territories. Gotta say I’m kind of cheering for the birds. (It’s a WSJ link. If it gets covered up w/ a subscription ad, the ad should go away if you click it closed.)

Nude sketch may be by da Vinci–and decidedly resembles the Mona Lisa.

So, Mr. Olivier. Tell us how you really feel about Gone With the Wind. And WTH? Imagine Vivien Leigh boring. *sigh*

Inspiring story from the Missouri History Museum about a St. Louis woman, once a slave, who registered to vote in 1920.

Ugh. I should probably get this browser extension that tracks time wasted on web browsing, with a monetary spin: Sloth Worth. (Oh, wait. I don’t have Firefox or Chrome. Hahahahahahahahaha!)


Books and Such

This is the sweetest post about a real Irish Connemara pony named Silver Dollar. What a doll.

Joan Didion on the reality behind keeping a notebook.

Well, yes! You should definitely check out the gothalicious anthology, DEAD ENDS (and not just because I have a story in it–but that would be okay, too!). Available pretty much wherever books are sold. If it’s not on the shelf, any bookstore can order it.

Music and cat magic: Sarper Duman has many videos of himself and his piano-loving cat. This one is unbearably adorable. 

Here’s my most popular post from last week: It’s Author Photo Time. Update: I’m pondering doing a makeup/hair run through before the big day. Crazy?

*Note: Forgive my pokiness about responding to comments this week. I believe I’m caught up. My mind is full of the novel I’m editing. Soon, soon…


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