Saturday Serendipity, 4 March 2017


Fake food and weird news abound this week:

Want to fight obesity? Experts say, cook at home, and don’t watch television while you eat.

A Canadian study found that Subway’s chicken is 50% soy. No wonder the texture is weird.

What you always suspected about swimming pools is true. And it’s not just kids who don’t bother to get out of the pool to pee. Ewwwww.

An alligator trots around the golf course with a trophy fish. Only in Florida.

Paris model casting calls get sketchy. 

I have a stack of notebooks, and even still wear an actual watch. Why analogue is cool.

Classroom reading therapy dogs. What a great idea.

“How Your Ego Thrives on Fear and Keeps You Panicked.” Wise and timely thoughts at Tiny Buddha.


Closer to home:

The delightful Cindy Gunnin wrote a fun piece about me for The Geek Initiative. (Yes, that thing about me and glasses and the swimming pool is totally true.)

My friend Sue Thoms has a new book for kids: My First Communion. It’s adorable, and works as a journal for the event, too. A lovely keepsake.

On the blog: Lent began this week. And I wrote a little something about procrastination as well.



March  3rd  Words

Journal: 260 words

Long fiction: (Edited 4 chapters)

Short fiction: 0

Non-fiction: 0 words

Blogging: 193 words

Exercise: 50 minutes exercise bike




4 thoughts on “Saturday Serendipity, 4 March 2017”

  1. Julia Kirmse says:

    You are an absolute hoot and a half!

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      My work here is done. 😉

  2. skyecaitlin says:

    I adore these links: I am allergic to soy, Laura, and hold onto your hat: I have never eaten a subway sub, and it’s been over 30 years since I ate at McDonald’s ( read Fast Food Nation) and it’s true about pools—any Olympian Pools—80% urine and gulp, I hate to tell you this — wash the lids of all your canned goods> 🙂

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      You are not missing a thing by not eating either of those chain foods. I have only had the Subway chicken breast twice in a decade and both times I found it nasty. (Not sure why I tried it the second time…) How sad about pools. ☹️

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