Saturday Serendipity Links, 16 September 2017

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Lots of interesting Saturday Serendipity links today. Hope you’re having a fabulous September Saturday!

Bits and Bobs

Life for the Amish is changing fast. We see it even here in Southern Illinois.

Harry Dean Stanton made every film he was in that much better. RIP, awesome Harry.

Everyone heard about that sneezing panda video this week. I think this one is just as cute! (The one from Rachel Maddow runs just after this one.)

I gather foie gras is delicious, but the process is unusually cruel. I’d as soon see it stop everywhere, and the ban in California is being upheld.

Justine Leconte produces very practical and very smart fashion videos two times a week. I love her lessons because they’re basic and clear and cover everything from makeup to what eyewear will suit you to capsule wardrobes and the latest fashion shows. Plus, she has a thoroughly charming accent.

Books and Film

Are you a Midsomer Murders fan? I think I’ve watched every episode 3 times, and there are dozens and dozens. Love this Midsomer Murder plot generator my writer friend Jeff Abbott told me about.

Speaking of plot generators–this one is do-it-yourself. And you don’t need to be a writer to have fun with it! (You also don’t need to register or give them your email addy)

Rex Reed says ‘Mother!” may be the worst film of the century. Ouch.

My bestie has a brand new book out! Lie To Me  by J.T.Ellison is a brilliant domestic thriller about a pair of writers who have some startling secrets.

Trouble the Black Cat Detective book series is really revving up. Check them all out here. Congratulations to Claire Matturro, whose book, Trouble in Tallahassee is available now.

Close to Home

My most popular blogpost this week was Bloom Where You’re Planted: Home is Never Perfect and That’s Okay.

Wait! I also had a book come out this week: the paperback version of The Abandoned Heart, the book whose events started all the hauntings at Bliss House. (Amazon has the hardcover of The Abandoned Heart for less than the paperback. Fascinating!)

2 thoughts on “Saturday Serendipity Links, 16 September 2017”

  1. Priscilla says:

    Yes, I’m a Midsomer Murders fan! I also like Rosemary and Thyme, but we didn’t very many episodes before it was cancelled.:-( Congrats on your The Abandoned Heart paperback!

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      Rosemary and Thyme was so cute. Mysteries and gardens–two of my favorites!

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