Say Cheese

So today I’m engaging in that enormous ego exercise, the author pic photo shoot. It must be done every two years. Wish me luck!

I’m hoping for something between this…

and this…

I’m glad I’m not doing it myself because it would look something like this:

Or even this. (I’m always complicating things!)

And how weird is this? When I was looking for a particular image I like of Diana (I never did find it), I found this smack in the middle of a google results page. Princess Diana Casket anyone? Ew.

2 thoughts on “Say Cheese”

  1. Hey beautiful Laura,

    You’ll look fantastic in your pictures! The camera loves you and you love the camera (that’s my mantra — it used to be, I hate myself and want to die, but that seemed so not life-affirming after a bit). You’re gorgeous — can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out. And it’s cool that you do new ones — I love when writers change it up all the time — it makes me laugh when I see a writer who says he hasn’t taken a picture in like, oh, ten, make that twenty years and has to use one from his high school yearbook days.

  2. Tia Nevitt says:

    The camera does love you, Laura. Add in a brilliant photographer and I’m sure the pictures will be stunning. Please post them when you can!

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