Shiny Object Saturday: Canon EOS Rebel T3i 600D

My first SLR camera was a Pentax ZX-30 film camera. I put it away about six or seven years ago when it needed servicing, and picked up an inexpensive digital snapshot camera because I was mostly just taking random pictures of my kids. Since then I’ve had a progression of nice-enough digital cameras, but I confess that the jones for an SLR–this time digital–refused to abate.

Then came Mother’s Day. I nearly burst into tears when I opened my gift from P: a Canon EOS Rebel T3i 600D.

I have so much to learn about this camera. For the time being, I’m incredibly grateful that it’s relatively dummy-proof. I can set it on Automatic and it makes gorgeous pics. The portrait, detail, landscape, etc. modes are easy to use, too.

Here are some of my first pics:

Nora and I discovered this wonderful little cafe, Bizalion’s, when she first started college in Great Barrington, MA. Baguettes to die for, yummy cheeses, gourmet groceries.

Wonderful things in the Wonderful Things shop in Great Barrington. They have room after room of yarn, knitting, crochet, and felting materials, books, and local handcrafts.

The owner told us that the store cat is 23 years old, but we found that hard to believe. He was incredibly lithe and well-toned. Purred like a steam engine.
I love this snapshot. Two beautiful women–Nora’s friend, Fiona, and Fiona’s mom, Mary.  It was a gray, but dry day at graduation. Perfect for taking pictures.

You know how much I love my garden. This spiderwort didn’t fare very well last year. It’s recovered nicely, don’t you think? This pic is like a little flower portrait.

Taken in my herb garden. The way the planter and flowers jump out here is awkward, and there’s no composition at all going on, I know. The pansies won’t last much longer because the days are starting (finally!) to get quite warm.

Eggs from my friend Claudia Rendleman’s chickens. Took this indoors, mid-morning. No flash. I adore the colors. So Martha Stewart-ish.

Two more shots from Claudia’s farm. I could have taken pictures all day.  The second is a playhouse that the kids were using for a water gun fort.

I can’t tell you how many times I shot this same fountain gargoyle/dragon thingy at Castle Park. I find it fascinating.

Yes, there’s so very much to learn! The T3i 600D is also an amazing video camera. I haven’t shot much video, but folks who talk about it online really seem to like it. There are a ton of youtube reviews. I’ve watched a few. I discovered today that I can adjust the fancy extended screen so that it folds into the back of the camera instead of sticking out. I call that progress.

One thing I’m looking forward too: using more of my own photos on the blog. I do use some stock photos, but I feel so icky when I use people’s photos from the web–I always credit the link, but who knows what the chain of ownership is.

More as I learn…

4 thoughts on “Shiny Object Saturday: Canon EOS Rebel T3i 600D”

  1. Coolkayaker1 says:

    Laura: I had a DSLR camera once. Once.

    I think they’re great, and I am certain you’ll shoot some wonderful pictures. The learning curve is steep, but you already know that. What dissuaded me from continuing was the editing–just like writing, it’s a bear! Photoshop and the like, I found, is mandatory to taking award winning photos, and although I can hone a short story for hours and hours, I hated spending even five minutes editing, cropping, adjusting, a photograph. My Canon EOS 7D and all the lenses went straight to eBay.

    That said, everyone is different, and you may adore the entire process. My brother, Mark, digs it! That said, he’s not much oaf a writer, certainly. So, maybe it’s a left-right brain thing? You are the test mouse!

    looking forward to your wonderful photos. Steve

  2. Coolkayaker1 says:

    P.S. The photo of the eggs is particularly artsy. Nice.

  3. Wow! Now I’m feeling the pressure, lol. I am happy to be the test mouse.

    I applaud your decision to set your Canon free and bless someone else with it. I would’ve found that very difficult to do.

    I thought the eggs were pretty, too. : )

  4. carmar76 says:

    catching up – i love playing with my cameras! some pictures turn out great, some not so great, but i love them anyway. : ) the egg photo really is fun, btw. : )

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