Shiny Object Saturday: LED Cherry Blossom Tree

I miss living in Virginia the most in springtime. At dusk, I could look out into the woods and seeĀ  dogwood blossoms that seemed to float, untethered, among the trees. Some blossoms were delicate pink, and some were an ethereal, pure white.

Spring is springing here in Southern Illinois. There’s a single dogwood tree out my kitchen window, which I see as a kind of a blessing. But, fear not. This weekend, I discovered that our local Rural King can fulfill my urgent desire for blossom beauty for just a hundred bucks. Happy spring.

4 thoughts on “Shiny Object Saturday: LED Cherry Blossom Tree”

  1. Coolkayaker1 says:

    That Rural King tree is downright pathetic.

    But…with a lemonade out of lemons attitude…add some hand-tossed garland, double the LEDs with something, oh, maybe blue (and flashing, if available) and stick it in a heavy, crack-glazed ceramic pot and, heck, it’d be almost basement-worthy.


    P.S. The lone dogwood in your yard has little to fear.

  2. Oh, it is sad, isn’t it? Oddly enough, your lemonade-added description sounds like the Christmas twig I decorated in college. Twinkling lights and all. Happy days…

  3. Coolkayaker1 says:

    Happy days… yes. College days.

    \Nice to know that there is a literate and successful author in southern Illinois, Laura. You’re writing is inspiring, and I have only sampled it so far but will read a full book soon. My reading trough is full for the moment, reading JD Salinger’s biography, and a book on sentences by Stanley Fish (that I roasted on Amazon review because, it’s really that bad!–Amazon search sentences and Fish and you’ll see it; sorry, Stanley Fish) and just plunging into The Great Gatsby since I heard they’re going to foul it up with a new movie in 2012, I’d better get it read and imagined before MGM does it for me. But a Laura Benedict book is in my future (I Kindle and sample so I remember which ones I want to read). Cheers.

  4. Thanks so much for the kind words. Those Kindle previews are perfect, aren’t they?
    I predict that you will enjoy The Great Gatsby. I don’t know that I will bother with the film…I was scarred badly by the Redford/Farrow version from the 1970s. Even back then they were showing films to schoolchildren instead of making them read books.

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