Six Degrees: Vampires, the Pope, and Me

I used to be slightly embarrassed that I have a daily Google alert for ISABELLA MOON. For several months after the novel came out, it was invaluable to me to find out where IM was being reviewed and what folks were saying about it on blogs, etc. It allowed me to thank people for taking notice and suffer the occasional humbling cringe. But, really, it feels like the height of vanity to have webcrawlers trolling for those two little words.

I thought I might drop it, but lately it’s become such a source of amusement for me, that I wouldn’t miss a day of it. My novel’s title contains two words that are magic on the Internet: “Isabella” and “Moon.” As in Isabella (Bella) Swan, and Stephanie Meyer’s novel, New Moon. If you’ve been living in a bunker for the past year or so, you might not know that Bella is the heroine of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga series–wildly popular vampire novels fraught with teenage love and angst. I haven’t read them, but Pom is a huge fan and has all but begged us to go out and get #4 for her.

I’m very up on what people are saying about Meyer’s books!

In an ironic twist of Internet fate, my Laura Benedict Google alerts are chock full of the Pope!

In other news–Folks soon popping into The Handbasket: Tish Cohen, Amy MacKinnon, Gerry Doyle and Jason Pinter.

3 thoughts on “Six Degrees: Vampires, the Pope, and Me”

  1. Tia Nevitt says:

    Try setting your alert for the phrase “Isabella Moon” and another one for “Laura Benedict”. That will eliminate all the partial matches.

    Unless, of course, you enjoy the results!

  2. Too funny. Is the pontiff a fan? I went on, then off google alerts – too many references to Spiderman since the movie stars the terrific British actress who shares my name. Sort of funny story..I met her 12 or so years before my husband proposed and knew even then I wanted to have her name. After we got married, we saw her in a restaurant in NYC, alone on a dark Monday (no theatre on Monday nights)and I wanted to ask for a pic but worried that she’d think I was a stalker.

  3. Laura says:

    Thanks, Tia!

    RO, I fear the pontiff would not be a fan of either my work or Meyer’s–but my next one has an actual demon, so maybe….I know what you mean about appearing like a stalker. It was nice of you not to ask for the pic, though, given it was her night off and all.

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