So You Want To Write a Novel, eh?

The link to this video has been passed to and fro among my writer/publisher/agent Twitter friends for the past few days. It totally cracked me up, but I wasn’t sure I would post it on the blog–at first.

It’s very important to me that newbie writers feel supported in their efforts. Every writer starts somewhere, and needs lots of care and help on his or her writing journey. But there’s a big difference between healthy enthusiasm and, well, delusion.

I think you’ll get a kick out of this. Every reasonably established writer has endured many, many versions of this conversation. The only trope missing is, “Oh, man. The drama in my office would make a GREAT novel. I’ll tell you all about it, you write it up, and we’ll split the royalties.”

The video was produced and is copyrighted by David Kazzie.


3 thoughts on “So You Want To Write a Novel, eh?”

  1. Hey beautiful,

    This is GREAT!!! Very very funny, painfully so!

  2. dwkazzie says:


    I wrote the video, and I thank you for posting it to your blog. I enjoyed your post about it, and I think you nailed it on the head — i’m not out to discourage people genuinely interested in the business, but it was a good chance to poke a little fun at some of the crazy things you hear from time to time.


  3. Cindy says:

    Just got the opportunity to watch this. It is way too funny and definitely proof writers should not be allowed conceal carry permits 🙂

    After the holidays, we should get sushi. I have this great idea…I mean, I’m planning this event I need your help with.

    Just finally finished ISABELLA MOON and though I still prefer CALLING MR. LONELY HEARTS, I loved this one too. At least someone got a happy ending (happy-ish) this time.

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