Sunday, 12 March 2017 (Daylight Savings Time edition)

The same way that you are the main character of your story, you are only a secondary character in everybody else’s story.Don Miguel Ruiz

We have a saying in our house that everyone is the star of his/her own show. I like this Ruiz saying because it’s a reminder that it’s often our egos that set our priorities. Egos take up a hell of a lot of room in the world, and they’re always bumping into one another, bruising and breaking. Let’s be careful out there this week…

March 11th Words

(Spring Break!)

Journal:  0 words

Long fiction: 0 words

Short fiction: (Update: edited 1 chapter)

Non-fiction: 0 words

Blogging: 112 words

Exercise: 50 minutes treadmill and stair stepper; lots of museum and bookstore wandering

2 thoughts on “Sunday, 12 March 2017 (Daylight Savings Time edition)”

  1. Karen Terry says:

    I hate daylight savings time. I wish it could stay the regular time all the time. This time of the year affects everything and it takes a while to adjust.

    1. Laura Benedict says:

      I’m with you, Karen. It’s the worst. I’m alway so happy when it goes back to regular time.

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